torsdag 9 oktober 2008

None or no opinion 44,7 %

Det eminenta nyhetsbrevet the Ukraine list (UKL) från Ottawa delar med sig av några intressanta resultat från en nyligen genomförd opinionsundersökning:

Excerpts from two representative surveys by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) on popular perceptions of the war in Georgia.
Conducted on 30 August-8 September 2008[thanks to Valeriy Khmelko for sharing the data]

Who, in your opinion, is responsible for the beginning of large-scale military action in South Ossetia?
Georgia 38,4%
Russia 20%
South Ossetia 1,5%
All three 17.5%
Hard to say 22,6%

Which position should take Ukraine regarding the conflict between Georgia, South Ossetia and Russia?
Support Georgia 10%
Support South Ossetia and Russia 15,1%
Keep a neutral stance 65,2%Hard to say 9.7%

In your opinion, which position expressed by Ukrainian politicians represent the national interests of Ukraine?
Party of Regions Leader Yanukovych 22,8%
Prime Minister Tymoshenko 18,1%
President Yushchenko 16.5%
Others 10,2%
None or no opinion 44,7%

Does a military threat exist in Ukraine in case of an aggravation of the conflict between Russia and Georgia, taking into account the fact that the Black Sea Fleet is based in Sevastopol?
Yes 14,4%
Probably yes 20,4%
Probably no 26,9%
No 25%
Hard to say 13.2%

According to the Treaty between Ukraine and Russia, the terms of the lease of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol end in 2017. How should Ukraine act regarding the withdrawal of the Black Sea Fleet to Russia?
Insist on the withdrawal of the Fleet from the territory of Ukraine in the near future 14.8%
Insist on the withdrawal of the Fleet from the territory of Ukraine in 2017, 27.3%
Prolong the lease of the Fleet in the territory of Ukraine after 2017, 38.0%
Hard to say, 19.9%

Which military security option is the best for Ukraine?
Joining a military union with Russia 28,3%
Joining NATO 17.4%
Creating in Europe a new system of collective security with only EU members 10.6%
Not joining any bloc 25.3%
Reestablishing the nuclear status of Ukraine 8%
Hard to say 10.4%

How would you vote, if a referendum were to take place next week on: U
kraine joining the European Union, Yes 46,5%, No 32,6%unit
Ukraine joining NATO, Yes 22.2%, No 64,8%
Ukraine joining the Union of Russia and Belarus, Yes 59.7%, No 24.8%[Priednannia Ukrainy do Soiuzy Rossii i Belarus: it isn’t clear to what extent respondents understood this to mean a military union with Russia and Belarus –UKL

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